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"Making staffing solutions for Cotton Gins easy!"

It’s no secret that the workforce of today isn’t what it used to be. We created not only to utilize the current Cotton Ginning workforce but to try to reach out and recruit from other industries as well. Hopefully in a few years’ time the industry will see a more diverse, robust workforce starting to emerge.

We plan to recruit from job fairs that would draw Electricians, Welders, Millwrights, Oilfield workers, Windmill techs, Trade schools, etc.…The list goes on and on.

I personally feel like I have made a very comfortable living in the Ginning industry, and it happened in a relatively short amount of time. Hopefully I can share that with people that would otherwise not even know a Cotton Gin existed, and on the other hand make sure the guys with experience land in a good paying job with a company that will take care of them.

We are also in the process of getting things in order to utilize the H2A program. We will be able to find the guys and take care of the paperwork for Gins that want to go that route.



We are a husband wife team with a passion to offer a new service to the cotton ginning industry. My wife and I actually met working in a Cotton Gin. We are just a down to earth hardworking couple trying to make things better for ourselves and for others in this industry.

I have been in the ginning Industry for about ten years now. Started as a service tech for Lummus, then to superintendent (ginned nearly 500,000 bales in two years). Then all the way up to manager. Recently moved to College Station TX on a new endeavor, and somewhere along the way had the Idea for “”.

My wife Natali was a schoolteacher in Mexico. She ended up moving to the states to look after her elderly grandfather. That’s when we met working at a gin. Natali is a huge asset on the H2A side of things. She is Bilingual and working on her paralegal certification to make sure things go smoothly on both sides of the border.